Love Addiction
Love Addiction
Love Addiction


In nine boiling hot episodes, I wll take you from the director's chair and weaves a sexual adventure which will not only guaranteed to rock your world but make you explode with pleasure time and time again!


Scene 1 - Important Meeting

Daniel hooks up with Brazilian bombshell Kaio Castro, muscleman Mauro Max, and devilishly handsome Nacho Navas. The four hot hunks explore each and every position they can maneuver their muscular bodies into before coating each other with their man-seed.

Love Addiction - Important Meeting


Scene 2 - True Fucking

Daniel meets his sexual match for hotness when paired with real-life lover Pedro Andreas. The duo share a romantic flip-flop fuck before draining the cum out of one another!

Love Addiction - True Fucking


Scene 3 - False Appearances

In a smoky back room, muscle bound leather men Pedro Andreras and Mauro Max push fair-haired bottom boy Thomas Achaval to his limits, causing all three men to squirt with joy!

Love Addiction - False Appearances


Scene 4 - Love is Control

Gymnasts Andres De La Serna and Nacho Navas team up for an acrobatic romp that will amaze you!

Love Addiction - Love is Control


Scene 5 - Timeless 3some

Psychoanalyst Bruno Bordas recalls the two loves of his life - rock-hard Nano Roca and Kaio Castro. In his fantasy, he imagines them cumming together in the perfect threesome.

Love Addiction - Timeless 3some


Scene 6 - Fuck Buddies

Mega-hot Tobias Sodi (Tommy Lima), Andres De La Serna, and Nano Roca get together for an afternoon threeway fuck that leaves all three men bone dry!

Love Addiction - Fuck Buddies


Scene 7 - Deep Connection

Bruno Bordas fantasizes about a romp with mega studs Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin. After sucking both of their cocks, Bruno sticks a double headed dildo into both ends of the dynamic duo, then proceeds to impale himself on both their cocks in a fantastic double penetration while Pedro and Daniel are plugged to one another!

Love Addiction - Deep Connection


Scene 8 - Love Burns

Two pyromaniacs meet while burning down the same building, and proceed to have a burning-hot love story. This couple's fascination for fire is only outdone by their fascination for fucking!

Love Addiction - Love Burns


Scene 9 - Fucking Cupid

Nacho Navas is under orders to blindfold and strip himself before sucking a bunch of boners belonging to seven muscle men. These buff guys then gang-bang Nacho, until he has had all seven cocks in his ass over and over again. Then, spread out on the floor, this scene culminates with Nacho taking the kind of cum-bath that only seven squirting cocks can provide!

Love Addiction - Fucking Cupid

The Story

Marvin is a young and ambitious executive who has it all. His intense sex life is filled with attractive men, 3-ways, orgies and high-class gigolos. One morning, while walking down the street, he falls for a total stranger. he becomes obsessed with the boy and beacuse he is used to controlling his life, fights with all his might so that he won't stop being what he is, a perfect galavanter. But...., will he be able to succeed?

Awards & Nominations

  • 2010 GAYVN AWARD NOMINATIONS - Best Director  [More...]

  • TLA GAY'S TOP SELLING 2010  [Read More...]

  • THE 16TH ANNUAL HARD CHOICE AWARDS - Best Foriegn Director & Best Foriegn Film  [Read More...]